The Parkland Airshed Management Zone requires the part-time services of a qualified individual to assist it with its communications and public outreach activities. Approx 30-40 hrs/month. $35-$50/hour dependent on qualifications. Scope of work is detailed below. If interested please send resume to

The PAMZ Communications and Community Engagement Consultant is responsible for the development of new and ongoing communication and community engagement strategies to advance the mission of PAMZ.

This person is a key member of PAMZ Communication Committee, advising and supporting them in administrative details and communication/ community engagement goals and reporting to the PAMZ Executive Director.


  • writes newsletters, brochures, advertising copy, fact sheets, annual reports, business letters
  • prepares and distributes media releases and media advertisements
  • updates the PAMZ stakeholder and media distribution list
  • creates effective digital communications through all forms of social media posts
  • develops and updates the PAMZ website and website content
  • develops and updates the PAMZ social media sites and content
  • develops agendas and maintains minutes for the PAMZ Communication committee
  • provides follow up administrative duties for the PAMZ Communication Committee
  • assists the PAMZ Communication Committee in developing communication plans for PAMZ
  • implements plans to achieve community outreach, community education and communications goals for PAMZ
  • captures and maintains minutes for the PAMZ Board of Directors meetings
  • researches and prepares reports as required
  • develops, distributes and compiles information from community surveys
  • organizes community events, workshops, meetings
  • performs other duties as mutually agreed upon with the PAMZ Communications Committee and/or Executive Director