PAMZ Vision

Our air is clean, clear, fresh and free from emissions that affect humans, animals or the environment.

PAMZ Mission

We lead in monitoring air quality and applying innovative strategies to manage the air we breathe.


The goals of the Parkland Airshed Management Zone are to:

  • Build a relationship with stakeholders that will support a long term sustainable funding base
  • Be recognized as a leader in air quality monitoring and the implementation of innovative management strategies
  • Include all sectors with an interest in air quality
  • Be the medium for resolving air quality issues within the Zone boundaries
  • Be a world leader and model for environmental improvement
  • Promote behavioural changes in society that reduce emissions.



The objectives of the Parkland Airshed Management Zone are to:

  • Identify air quality problems and respond to air quality issues and concerns within the zone boundaries
  • Operate and maintain a regional air quality monitoring system synchronized with the Alberta Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System
  • Maintain an emission inventory that supports a fair funding formula whereby all emitters contribute in proportion to their share of emissions
  • Maintain communication and public outreach programs to educate and promote dialogue with stakeholders about air quality issues.


Educating central Alberta residents, businesses and governments about air quality is an essential part of what we do at PAMZ. We believe that sharing air quality data and information is an important way to involve and inform our members and the public.

PAMZ recognizes and awards those who are working hard to reduce their emissions through the Blue Skies Awards. . PAMZ encourages future achievement in environmental stewardship through its Dr. Martha Kostuch Scholarship.


Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) G-1 Working Group releases Zone Air Quality Management Final Report


The Regional Air Management Investigation Team (RAMIT) is formed to investigate the possibility of a zone in the Sundre, Caroline, Rimbey, Rocky Mountain House area


CASA publishes Zone Air Quality Management Guidelines Document RAMIT recommends that the area proceed with the formation of a Regional Airshed Management Zone


PAMZ established as a non-profit society to monitor air quality and manage air quality issues in the Parkland region


Program Manager hired Application to Alberta Environment for approval of Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) Program Design and amendment of 21 Oil and Gas Facilities’ approvals PAMZ Passive AQM Program started in December 1999


Northeast Zone Boundary expanded 19 Oil and Gas Facilities’ approvals amended to reflect their participation in the PAMZ AQM Program Continuous AQM Program started Human Health Committee formed


Four New Passive Stations Added


Intensive Livestock Operations Workshop Held Three Human Health Workshops held Harlech Ozone Study Begins External review and assessment of AQM Data and Program conducted


Pollution Prevention and Continuous Improvement Workshop held 1st "Let's Drive Green" Vehicle Emissions Testing Clinic Held 2nd Portable Continuous Station (Raven) Added to AQM Program


Harlech Ozone Study Concludes Monitoring Capability of Raven Expanded 2nd "Let's Drive Green" Vehicle Emissions Testing Clinic Held Planning for Human Health Monitoring Program Begins


City of Red Deer Joins PAMZ
PAMZ assumes operation of Alberta Environment's Red Deer AQM Station
3rd "Let's Drive Green" Vehicle Emissions Testing Clinic Held


Tay River Monitoring Program Begins Mercury Wet Deposition Monitoring Program Begins Ozone Management Planning Committee Formed Ozone Monitoring Downwind of Zone Begins Community Exposure Health Effects Assessment Program Steering Committee Formed Raven Station Shelter Upgraded


PAMZ withdraws from Community Exposure Health Effects Assessment Program Sundre Particulate Matter Monitoring Program Begins Particulate Matter and Ozone Study Commissioned


Sundre Particulate Matter Monitoring Program Concluded Ozone Management Plan Finalized


Tay River and Mercury monitoring programs concluded Caroline and Red Deer Station shelters upgraded Ozone Management Plan implementation begins Southern Boundary with Calgary Regional Airshed Zone amended


Peregrine & Raven AQM Stations became Martha Kostuch & David McCoy Martha Kostuch Scholarship program starts Several Wintertime PM2.5 Episodes at Riverside


AQHI Reporting Adopted More Wintertime PM2.5 Episodes at Riverside


Began Temporary Monitoring at Red Deer Lancaster


Martha Portable becomes Permanent Station at Lancaster (December) PAMZ Emissions Clinic Held on Clean Air Day AEP announces that Red Deer Riverside exceeded 2009-11 PM2.5 CWS


AEP PM2.5 Advisory Group forms to develop PM2.5 Response Plan


Begin work on Idle-free Project with Sylvan Lake Fall AQM Plan Planning Workshop


PAMZ submits AQM Plan to EP as per new AMD PM2.5 Management Response Released by AEP (April) PM2.5 Modeling & Monitoring Program Study Begins (September) Inaugural Blue Skies Award Ceremony Held On Clean Air Day




PAMZ holds 2nd Blue Skies Award Ceremony on Clean Air Day