Blue Skies. Bright Future.

Air Quality is Important to Albertans.

Blue skies are our shared inheritance in this part of Alberta. Many people around the globe would love to enjoy the same air quality.

Over the last two decades, Albertans have been demanding more information and action on urban smog, acid rain and global warming. Many advances in air pollution reduction technology have led to a decline in emissions of a number of pollutants since the 1970s, but much is still to be done.

What can we do to pass on the legacy of a bright future? That’s where PAMZ comes in. We monitor the air we all breathe. We plan, communicate and educate. And we partner with industry, municipalities, farmers, schools and the public at large to make a meaningful difference. For everyone.

When it comes to maintain and improving the quality of our air in our region, we all have a role to play. Working together we can count on keeping our clean air heritage for a long, long time. We think it is worth it. And we think you do, too.

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