The Parkland Airshed Management Zone (PAMZ) today released the final report of a Fine Particulate (PM2.5) Modeling Project that was done by Ramboll Environ using a $100,000 grant from Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP). The project built upon previous modeling done for the Capital Region (i.e. Edmonton and surrounding municipalities). The project increased the study area to encompass all of central Alberta, including the City of Red Deer and the entirety of PAMZ. The project included a source apportionment component. Source apportionment is a method of linking emissions of pollutants from various sources to their impact on ambient air quality. The project determined the relative contribution of emissions from various sectors to the high PM2.5 levels observed in Red Deer’s air during January and February 2010.

The project started in the fall of 2016 and was completed this spring after which the report was reviewed and accepted by PAMZ and its stakeholders. The report suggests that multiple sectors contributed to the high PM2.5 concentrations seen in 2010 and that the PM2.5 was either directly emitted or formed as a result of emissions from both point and non-point sources. A point source emits pollution from a distinct source such as a stack or flare. Non-point sources are widespread and collectively large sources of pollution; whether as a large group of small stationary emitters (e.g. emissions from home heating) or a large group of mobile emitters (e.g. motor vehicles).

The report will be used by PAMZ, AEP and area stakeholders who are currently involved in the implementation of a PM2.5 Response Plan1 released in the Fall of 2015. The PM2.5 Response Plan was developed as a result of Red Deer Riverside monitoring station indicating that PM2.5 concentrations were above national standards. Reducing PM2.5 emissions in the PAMZ region will require the collaboration of industry, government and the public and will result in improved air quality for the residents of Central Alberta.

The report is available on the PAMZ Website Library: For more information, contact Kevin Warren at 403-862-7046