Program Design

PAMZ Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) Program directly aims at providing high quality data in a timely fashion. This data feeds the development and evaluation of strategies to address and prioritize air quality issues in the PAMZ zone.

Many issues are broad, and PAMZ understands that an AQM program is part of the solution, not a complete answer. That said, air quality decisions should be made using complete, comprehensive and scientifically credible data.

PAMZ AQM Program's major goals:

  1. To provide data to address the current and future air quality concerns/issues of the zone’s various stakeholders.
  2. To add new data for the scientific community and other users, providing a better understanding of pollutants including their sources, behaviours and effects.
  3. To be dynamic and evolutionary, capable of responding to changing or emerging concerns, issues, technologies, and developments in other management zones/programs.
  4. To balance funding from the zone’s stakeholders with research, development and implementation of strategic programs and activities.
Focus Design Group