PAMZ Objectives

PAMZ Vision
Our air is clean, clear, fresh and free from emissions that affect humans, animals or the environment.

PAMZ Mission
We lead in monitoring air quality and applying innovative strategies to manage the air we breathe.

The goals of the Parkland Airshed Management Zone are to:

  • Build a relationship with stakeholders that will support a long term sustainable funding base
  • Be recognized as a leader in air quality monitoring and the implementation of innovative management strategies
  • Include all sectors with an interest in air quality
  • Be the medium for resolving air quality issues within the Zone boundaries
  • Be a world leader and model for environmental improvement
  • Promote behavioral changes in society that reduce emissions.

The objectives of the Parkland Airshed Management Zone are to:

  • Identify air quality problems and respond to air quality issues and concerns within the zone boundaries
  • Operate and maintain a regional air quality monitoring system synchronized with the Alberta Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System
  • Establish and maintain a human health monitoring program
  • Maintain an emission inventory that supports a fair funding formula whereby all emitters contribute in proportion to their share of emissions
  • Maintain communication and public outreach programs to educate and promote dialogue with stakeholders about air quality issues.
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