June 7, 2017 is Clean Air DayPAMZ region 2017/06/07


June 7, 2017 is Clean Air Day

Help the Parkland Air Management Zone(PAMZ ) to make our air quality better on Clean Air Day and every day in central Alberta. Here are a few suggestions of things that you can do.

  • Reduce unnecessary vehicular idling by turning off your engine when you are stopped for more than 60 seconds, except when in traffic.
  • Reduce vehicular idling wherever possible by walking, bicycling or car-pooling to work.
  • Do regular maintenance on your car and keep your tire pressure maintained at the proper level.
  • Conference call instead of driving to meetings.
  • Avoid using wood burning stoves or fireplaces.
  • Take steps to make your house and appliances energy efficient.
  • Learn more about PAMZ and the air quality in your area by going to www.pamz.org.
  • Volunteer on one of the committees of PAMZ, your air quality monitoring organization for the Parkland region.
  • Take part in Clean Air Day activities in your local community.  For example, if you live in Red Deer:
  • On Clean Air Day, Red Deer Transit will be free for all riders. This is a great opportunity to try taking the bus where you need to go.
  • Take the Commuter Challenge June 4 to 10 in Red Deer and leave your vehicle at home. For more information go to www.reddeer.ca and search “Commuter Challenge”.


                                                  Have a great Clean Air Day and year!


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