Get into the Zone!

About 260,000 people live and work in the Parkland Airshed. We share a thin blanket of air. How thin? For comparison, when you drive at highway speed for 45 seconds you travel the same distance as the thickness of our Airshed. If you went straight up in the air instead of along the ground, you would have passed through seventy-five percent of our atmosphere. That's thin!

When you think about 260,000 people, their vehicles, workplaces, livestock, furnaces and campfires all sharing our thin layer of air, the quality of what we breath suddenly seems important, doesn't it? The Parkland Airshed Management Zone Association is dedicated to improving the air quality that you and I breathe.

Established in 1997 PAMZ is a non-profit group who is responsible to identify air quality concerns within the zone and to implement management strategies to address those concerns.

PAMZ began air quality monitoring in 1999. We monitor 42,000 square kilometres from the majestic eastern slopes of the Rockies to the rolling prairies just east of Highway 2 including villages, towns and the City of Red Deer. The data we collect is vital to our understanding of air quality in the zone. The data is also the foundation for planning, initiatives and action to keep our air breathable.

PAMZ high-priority air quality concerns are:

  • Effects on Human Health and Livestock
  • Emissions from Oil and Gas Production
  • Odours from Confined Feeding Operations
  • High Ground Level Ozone
  • Pollution Prevention

Working Together

PAMZ welcomes open dialogue. Two-way communication is central to our mission. We follow the Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) model to ensure consensus decisions and provide a forum for everyone to have their say. All stakeholders can put forward their ideas, meet, discuss and resolve their issues. Our goal is to make these efforts productive and collaborative. We publish data and information freely, and we are accountable to all our stakeholders for everything we do.

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